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VitaBros International centrally located in Dallas North, Texas, positioned to service the growing need for nutritional raw materials to most customers from coast to coast. To cut shipping cost and lead time particularly for customers located in Midwest and Central. Our specialty is to move vitamin items in bulk, pallet size and up. Most vitamin items come with 1,000 kilograms per pallet and 500 kilograms per pallet; Some Amino Acid items come with 900 kilograms per pallet. 

*complete and up to date product documents on file for each item*

*adequate product liability insurance coverage*

*well maintained warehouse with pest control program put in place by Ecolab*

*experienced and well trained employees on site to ensure SOPs are being strictly followed*

reduce shipping cost and shorten lead time for most accounts with our efficiency and location advantage

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Thinking about the volatile market for vitamins

To most of us, by far, 2017 was probably the most volatile year we have ever experienced in our career.

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Thanks to globalization, the marketplace becomes more transparent  

In the past decades, hundreds of  multinational companies strategically set up their local offices and hired local staff in the countries where most of the vitamins were manufactured. The local presence greatly lowered the barriers in communication. Thus, information obtained not just became more accurate, faster also. On the flip side, especially recent 10 years,  these vitamin manufacturers started setting up their distribution facilities in the US, either by themselves or with distribution partners. The market developed some characteristics of a free market, and became a perfectly competitive market in many extents.

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Price rebounded and Speculation

After years of struggling with profitability, many vitamin manufacturers would try to increase the prices sharply for any issues that could cause interruptions of supplies. Environmental issues were among the mostly discussed. There are also more companies trading vitamins as Futures. Speculation helped the ups and downs range steeply.  The historical highs of many B group vitamins between the first half of 2018 and the third quarter of 2017 well demonstrated the unthinkable price level for many items. $100 D-Calcium Pantothenate, $15,000 Methyl cobalamin, which made the $10 Ascorbic Acid seemed reasonable.

Seeking for solutions

Finally, it seems prices are coming down, some has gone back to "normal". The market has been correcting itself, ultimately, supply and demand rules. However, for big vitamin buyers, what's ahead of us probably still prompt unease vibes. It probably has something to do with the irrationalities we strongly felt from the suppliers'' side. The balance of supply and demand can be restored soon enough, but the fairness and other common courtesies between and among suppliers and customers might need to be carefully observed. Forming a supplier-customer partnership and recognition the value of loyalty probably is the key to mitigate the adverse effects of any upcoming marketplace dramatic changes.

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